Effect of micropores on gaseous diffusiom in bidisperse porous catalysts.

Uyanık, Ömer


Effect of organic biders on green and sintered properties of alumina ceramics.
Kefelioğlu, Naime; Department of Metallurgical Engineering (1982)
ILHAN, M; ORBEY, N; Doğu, Timur (Informa UK Limited, 1991-01-01)
Particle-pellet approach was used for the analysis of selectivity in a consecutive reaction scheme. It was illustrated that the ratio of macro and micropore diffusion resistance (α) has a significant effect on selectivity especially for intermediate values of particle Thiele modulus. Increase of this ratio and increase of particle Thiele modulus yield lower selectivities for the intermediate product.
Effect of silver doping and gamma irradiation on Y-Ba-Cu-O superconductor.
Al-Biss, Borhan Aldeen; Department of Physics (1992)
Effect of High-Density Nanoparticles on Recrystallization and Texture Evolution in Ferritic Alloys
Aydoğan Güngör, Eda; Carvajal-Nunez, Ursula; Vogel, Sven C.; Li, Meimei; Maloy, Stuart A. (MDPI AG, 2019-03-01)
Ferritic alloys are important for nuclear reactor applications due to their microstructural stability, corrosion resistance, and favorable mechanical properties. Nanostructured ferritic alloys having a high density of Y-Ti-O rich nano-oxides (NOs < 5 nm) are found to be extremely stable at high temperatures up to similar to 1100 degrees C. This study serves to understand the effect of a high density of nano-particles on texture evolution and recrystallization mechanisms in ferritic alloys of 14YWT (14Cr-3W-...
Effect of calcium fluoride on mechanical behavior and sinterability of nano-hydroxyapatite and titania composites
KUTBAY, IŞIL; Yilmaz, Bengi; Evis, Zafer; USTA, Metin (2014-11-01)
Composites of nano-hydroxyapatite (HA) - titania (TiO2) with or without calcium fluoride (CaF2) were synthesized and sintered at 900 degrees C, 1100 degrees C, and 1300 degrees C. The composites were studied to assess the effect of CaF2 addition on the sinterability, structure, functional groups, morphology and mechanical behavior of the material. The resultant composites were characterized by XRD, ATR-FTIR, SEM and microhardness measurement, respectively. It was seen that the addition of CaF2 into HA-TiO2 ...
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Ö. Uyanık, “Effect of micropores on gaseous diffusiom in bidisperse porous catalysts.,” Middle East Technical University, 1977.