Preface: Shallow lakes in a fast changing world

Beklioğlu, Meryem
Davidson, Thomas Alexander
Ger, Kemal Ali
Havens, Karl
Moss, Brian


Preface: operations research in neuroscience II
Tikidji-Hamburyan, Ruben A.; Kropat, Erik; Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2020-06-01)
Preface - Fifth Mediterranean Combustion Symposium
Beretta, Federico; Selçuk, Nevin; Mansour, Mohy S. (2008-01-01)
Preface: the Isparta Angle, SW Turkey - its role in the evolution of Tethys in the Eastern Mediterranean region
Akinci, O; Robertson, A; Poisson, A; Bozkurt, Erdin (Wiley, 2003-07-01)
Preface: Tenth Mediterranean Combustion Symposium
Selçuk, Nevin; Mansour, Mohy S.; D'Anna, Andrea (2019-01-02)
The Tenth Mediterranean Combustion Symposium, jointly co-sponsored by the Combustion Institute and the International Centre for Heat and Mass Transfer was held in Naples, Italy in September 17–21, 2017. It was built on the success of nine previous meetings held in Antalya, Turkey, in June 1999, in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, in January 2002, in Marrakech, Morocco, in June 2003, in Lisbon, Portugal, in October 2005, in Monastir, Tunisia, in September 2007, in Corsica, France, in June 2009, in Sardinia, in Septem...
Preface: Advances of OR in commodities and financial modelling
Kestel, Sevtap Ayşe; Weber, Gerhard-Wilhelm (2018-01-01)
The Annals of Operations Research invited submissions of papers to a special volume on Advances of OR in Commodities and Financial Modelling, on the occasion of the 55th Meeting of EWGCFM (EWGCFM 2015;, which was organized by the Institute of Applied Mathematics (IAM; of Middle East Technical University, EURO Working Group “Commodities and Financial Modelling” (EWGCFM;, and The Association of European Operational Re...
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M. Beklioğlu, T. A. Davidson, K. A. Ger, K. Havens, and B. Moss, “Preface: Shallow lakes in a fast changing world,” HYDROBIOLOGIA, pp. 9–11, 2016, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: