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A Comprehensive Analysis of Short-Circuit Current Behavior in PMSM Interturn Short-Circuit Faults

Qi, Yuan
Bostancı, Emine
Gurusamy, Vigneshwaran
Akin, Bilal
This paper presents a detailed analysis of short-circuit current behavior during interturn short-circuit faults in permanent magnet synchronous machines (PMSMs) by considering the short-circuit contact resistance. For this purpose, an finite element analysis (FEA)-based equivalent circuit model is developed to understand the circulating current behavior in the shorted turns. Various fault resistance and number of shorted turn combinations are examined at different torque and speed levels. To include saturation due to high fault currents, the inductance matrix of faulty machine is created in FEA environment and incorporated into the equivalent circuit model as four-dimensional lookup tables. In order to take loop responses into account, the model is controlled through field oriented control (FOC) with closed speed and current loops. An experimental setup is built to verify the simulation results using a PMSM with several winding taps. It is shown that the experimental results and the simulations are quite consistent with each other. The findings from this study are essential to predict fault severity, develop mitigation techniques and determine the safe operating area for faulty machines.