Aggregation of the cognitive structures of brandloyals and nonloyals.

Ger, Güliz


Differentiation of dual motivational system in deviance regulation theory by achievement goal orientations
Özuzun, Yıldız Burcu; Özkan, Türker; Department of Psychology (2018)
The first aim of this study is to test whether Deviance Regulation Theory (DRT) principles work for behavioral intention (BI) and willingness (BW) of having a high cumulative grand point average (CGPA) of students. The second aim was to observe whether the effectiveness of negative framing is higher than positive framing for encouraging a behavior. Results revealed that DRT principles work significantly when identification and importance were controlled. While the negative framing effects did not give signi...
Fusion of image segmentation with domain specific information under an unsupervised markov random fields model
Karadağ, Özge Öztimur; Yarman Vural, Fatoş Tunay; Department of Computer Engineering (2014)
The formulation of image segmentation problem is evolved considerably, from the early years of computer vision in 1970s to these years, in 2010s. While the initial studies offer mostly unsupervised approaches, a great deal of recent studies shift towards the supervised solutions. This is due to the advancements in the cognitive science and its influence on the computer vision research. Also, accelerated availability of computational power enables the researchers to develop complex algorithms. Despite the gr...
Consolidation of a soil layer subjected to an axiaymmetric loading.
Erdemli, Mehmet; Department of Engineering Sciences (1974)
Interaction of TATB with Cu and Cu+1. A DFT study
Türker, Lemi (Elsevier BV, 2019-2)
Symmetric triaminotrinitrobenzene known as TATB decomposes in contact with some heavy metals, such as copper. Presently, TATB and some of its important tautomers are subjected to B3LYP/6-31G(d,p) level of treatment. Some molecular orbital energies have been obtained and compared. Then, interaction of these species with Cu and Cuþ are investigated. Although TATB has been found to be affected little by either Cu or Cuþ, undergoing only some bond length changes and/or distortions, the resonance-assisted t...
Activation of light alkanes on pure and Fe and Al doped silica clusters: A density functional and ONIOM study
Fellah, Mehmet Ferdi; Önal, Işık (2007-01-01)
C-H bond activation was studied by use of density functional theory (DFT) and ONIOM calculations as implemented in Gaussian 2003 at the B3LYP level utilising 6-31G* as the basis set for Si, Al, and Fe atoms and 3-21G** as the basis set for O and H atoms. Relative energy profiles were determined for pure silica modeled by a Si7O21 cluster and Fe and Al doped silica clusters via coordinate driving calculations. The activation barriers for C-H bond activation of methane and ethane decrease with the substitutio...
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G. Ger, “Aggregation of the cognitive structures of brandloyals and nonloyals.,” Middle East Technical University, 1977.