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Seismic base isolation using low-cost Scrap Tire Pads (STP)

Türer, Ahmet
Özden, Bayezid
This paper focuses on the experimental studies conducted on the development of no-cost seismic base isolation pads using scrap automobile tire pads (STP). The mechanical and dynamic properties of STP specimens made from different tire brands, with different number of layers, and orientations are evaluated experimentally. The tests are conducted using (a) axial compression tests, (b) lumped mass small displacement free vibration, and (c) large displacement (inclined plate and reverse-cyclic) static shear tests. The results of these STP tests are compared among themselves and against a commercially available laminated rubber bearing specimen. A general relationship has been proposed which formulates the stiffness differences between the two principal directions of rectangular pads. The paper includes three hypothetical design applications for the use of STPs.