Response of earth dams to earthquakes.

Zor, Suheyl


Response of horizontal soil layers to earthquake motions.
Kumral, Nuri; Department of Civil Engineering (1972)
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Response of 14YWT alloys under neutron irradiation: A complementary study on microstructure and mechanical properties
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Nanostructured ferritic alloys (NFAs) having sub-micron grain size with a high density of nano-oxides (NOs) (size of similar to 2-3 nm) are one of the best candidates for structural components in Generation IV nuclear systems. In this study, 14YWT NFA cladding tubes were irradiated in BOR60 reactor up to 7 dpa at 360-370 degrees C. Detailed microstructural analysis has been conducted using bright field transmission electron microscopy, bright field scanning transmission electron microscopy, energy filtered ...
Response of Tall Buildings in Izmir, Seismological and Engineering Effects of the M 7.0 Samos Island (Aegean Sea) Earthquake
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Sensitivity of slow moving landslides to changes in groundwater level
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S. Zor, “Response of earth dams to earthquakes.,” Middle East Technical University, 1973.