Top quark pair production and asymmetry at the Tevatron and LHC in left-right models

Frank, Mariana
Hayreter, Alper
Turan, İsmail
In light of the recent measurements of the top quark forward-backward asymmetry at the Fermilab Tevatron experiment, which in some regions of the parameter space shows a discrepancy of 3 sigma compared to the standard model prediction, we analyze top quark pair production and asymmetry in the context of left-right models both at the Tevatron and Large Hadron Collider (LHC). We use the minimal manifest left-right model and an asymmetric left-right model where gauge couplings and flavor mixing in the right-handed sector are allowed to differ from those in the left-handed sector. We explore the consequences of including effects from W-R and Z(R) gauge bosons, consistent with phenomenological constraints from meson mixing and new bounds from ATLAS and CMS, for the t (t) over bar cross section, invariant mass distribution and forward-backward asymmetry at the Tevatron, and predict their values at the LHC. We show that, choosing parameter benchmarks for the model while preserving agreement with collider, electroweak precision, and flavor-violation data, the generic left-right model cannot account for the large deviations of the observed asymmetry at the Tevatron and also that it predicts very small charge asymmetries at the LHC.

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M. Frank, A. Hayreter, and İ. Turan, “Top quark pair production and asymmetry at the Tevatron and LHC in left-right models,” PHYSICAL REVIEW D, vol. 84, no. 11, pp. 0–0, 2011, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: