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Effects of measurement noise in MARS-based inverse ECG solution approach MARS ile Ters EKG problemi çözümünde ölçüm gürültüsünün etkileri

Onak, Önder Nazim
Serinağaoğlu Doğrusöz, Yeşim
Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm
The aim in ECG problems is to better understand the electrical activity of a heart. Inverse ECG problem can be described as an estimation of electrical activity of a heart using body surface potentials and geometry. Spline based approaches have been applied to inverse problems in several areas. However, there is a few study exist for the solution of inverse ECG problems using spline-based approaches. If proper spline bases are chosen, the dimension of the problem can be significantly reduced. In addition, by arranging the knot placement, estimation of local behavior of a function can be improved. In this study we explored the applicability of the MARS method to the inverse electrocardiography problem and assessed the it's estimation accuracy robustness against the measurement noise.