The purple gallinule, porphyrio porphyrio, in the eastern mediterranean

Kasparek, Max
Bilgin, Cemal Can
Akin, Aydin
The decrease of the East Mediterranean population of the Purple Gallinule, Porphyrio porphyrio, since the last century, perhaps even since classical antiquity, is described. The only locality where the ssp. seistanicus is known to breed in the Mediterranean is the Göksu delta in Turkey (< 30 pairs) for which urgent conservation measures are recommended.
Zoology in the Middle East


Zooarchaeological analysis on faunal remains from Salat Tepe, South-Eastern Turkey
Silibolatlaz Baykara, Derya; Bertram, Jan Krzysztof; Department of Settlement Archaeology (2014)
This dissertation is based on investigation of faunal remains from Salat Tepe, a small mound is located in Batman province, where lies within the Ilısu Dam area, at the north of the Tigris River, south-eastern Turkey. Salat Tepe is a multi-period site and studied materials were taken from Chalcolithic to Hellenistic periods have been analyzed. Mainly, this dissertation addresses how faunal remains could add to our understanding of the social and economic organization of the site. The principal domestic spec...
The dialogue between community archaeology and livelihoods in rural context: the case of Komana /Tokat.
İlter, Ceren; Erciyas, D. Burcu.; Department of Urban Policy Planning and Local Governments (2020)
Cultural and archaeological heritage, as a reflection of elapsed time, conveys both the traces of past belonging to its immediate territory and also carries them into the future. Throughout centuries new and different layers bearing differing values interweave to contribute to the significance of cultural assets in an intricate way. The cultural, economic, and social dynamics of the territory, where the cultural heritage exists, is shaped by this interwoven and authentic pattern. However, singular and stere...
The British Museum, Muze-i Humayun and the travelling "Greek ideal" in the nineteenth century
Özkaya, Ayşe Belgin (2014-03-01)
In standard architectural history surveys, the British Museum is portrayed as an example of nineteenth-century "neoclassicism": or the "Greek revival:" Usually cited as among the motive factors in this revival are the writings about European travels and archaeological explorations in the then Ottoman lands of ancient Greece, as well as a general interest in Hellenic culture. Yet the cultural and architectural appropriation of the Hellenic is not analyzed in relation to the possible ties and tensions between...
The display of hekatomnid power in karian settlements through urban imagery
Üzel, Ayça; Güven, Suna Naziyet; Department of Settlement Archaeology (2007)
This thesis focuses on a distinctive period in Karian history marked by the Hekatomnid dynasty in the 4th century BC. The basic question is the ways in which the Hekatomnid power was reflected in the Karian settlement practices and urban imagery. In this regard Maussollos, the most well-known member of the Hekatomnid dynasty, and his policies, including vast building projects and synoikismoi activities, are important indicators in giving a hint on Karian political praxis for the solution of conjectural prob...
A Study on portal composition and its contribution to façade design in Anatolian Seljuk buldings
Caner, Çağla; Bakırer, Ömür; Department of Architecture (2002)
The forms, articulation and compositions of the facades of the monumental buildings displayed a recognizable character during the era of the Anatolian Seljuks in Asia Minor. Even though no two facades appear to be the same with their constitutive elements and with the articulation in their compositions, they seem to attain remarkable similarities. Within the general formulation of the facade compositions, the gateways namely the portals (taçkapı) come forth to reflect the architectural facade concepts of th...
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