Styrofoam as a model material.

Yargicoglu, Atalay I


Strut and Tie Topology for Reinforced Concrete Elements
Işıklı, Yunus; Binici, Barış; Tuncay, Kağan (2021-09-08)
Strut and Tie Model (STM) is a lower-bound design method for reinforced concrete members. It is usuallypreferred for non-standard structural elements for which internal forces are not well-defined. In recent years,studies and applications on STM have increased considerably. Topology optimization methods are generallyused to find struts and ties. Once locations and orientations of reinforcements are available, the design procedureis rather easy to apply, even for complex geometries. However, finding the STM ...
Styroflex and teflon electrets /
Güven, Bahaettin; Department of Chemical Engineering (1972)
Stochastic feed mix problem.
Eren, Selçuk; Department of Electrical Engineering (1987)
Stochastic geometry model of rock mass fracture network in tunnels
Azarafza, Mohammad; Akgün, Haluk; Asghari-Kaljahi, Ebrahim (Geological Society of London, 2018-08-01)
Geometric distributions of fractures or discontinuities control the behaviour, and limit the strength and the stability of rock masses where the best stabilization and improvement method for that rock mass could be achieved based on favourable discontinuity geometry. This study introduces an algorithm named 'Stochastic Geometry Model of Fractures Network in Tunnels (SGMFNT)', which was developed with the MA THEMATICA software. The SGMFNT method provides a fractures geometric distribution database to aid dis...
Prefabricated lightweight concrete exterior wall panel for office buildings.
Altınyuva, Sibel; Department of Architecture (1976)
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A. I. Yargicoglu, “Styrofoam as a model material.,” Middle East Technical University, 1974.