Safe working with forklifts

Erel, Fatih
The importance of forklifts is undeniable in working life, especially when the stacking and internal transport system of a factory are considered. Taking note of this, highincome countries have developed lots of means to deal with forklifts until today. In Turkey, forklifts are dealt under the scope of work equipment which is far from guidance and promotion of positive driver behaviours and skills. In this study, human factors resulting in work accidents are investigated with Forklift Operator Behavior Questionnaire (FOBQ), Forklift Operator Skill Inventory (FOSI) and Effort-Reward Imbalance Model (ERI). This study is not limited to few cases where operator or mechanical failure that led to accident but instead provide forklift operators and their supervisors a reference, in other words guideline, for their work. FOBQ, FOSI and ERI, by which self-report driver behaviors and driver skills are investigated, provide a reference to every stakeholder in this manner. In the current study, no significant relationship found between age and study variables. In addition, there were positive and significant relationships between total number of work accidents and inattentiveness and similarly between total number of work accidents and effortreward imbalance. When the relationship between effort-reward imbalance and two scales, namely driver behaviors and driver skills, positive and significant relationships were observed between effort-reward imbalance and inattentiveness, first factor of driver behaviors scale, and end-result violations, fourth factor of scale. No significant relationship between effort-reward imbalance and driver skills was observed. Only inattentiveness, among other FOBQ and FOSI factors could predict forklift-related work accidents significantly. Unlike what was expected, there was no significant relationship between rule-based violations and forklift-related work accidents. The current study was limited to only a few sectors and counter-balanced forklifts. It is highly recommended that further studies should focus on different types of forklifts operated at different type of sectors.
Citation Formats
F. Erel, “Safe working with forklifts,” Thesis (M.S.) -- Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. Occupational Health and Safety., Middle East Technical University, 2019.