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Multidisciplinary design, optimization and performance analysis tool for ballistic missiles

Adsız, Mısra Ayşe
Missile system design process is challenging and interdisciplinary. During missile system design process, system design must be made in accordance with military standards, which have very strict rules. In defense industry, delivery dates are usually very rigid. Despite this, during conceptual design, requirements are often updated within the design process that requires the design to be updated frequently. It is essential to perform these steps as efficiently and quickly as possible. The products, which are inexpensive and have best performance parameters, are preferred, and so the companies with these products can survive. For this purpose, the conceptual design part, which is first step of the system design process needs to be optimized. In this study, it is aimed to develop a system design tool that simplifies the conceptual design process, creates design alternatives quickly, tests them, performs performance analysis, and selects the optimum among these alternatives. By using this tool, it is possible for the designer to obtain the information needed for the preliminary design process quickly and efficiently. This thesis focuses on ballistic missile systems, which are widely used in today's world and expected to increase in number over time. It is aimed to accelerate the conceptual design process of ballistic missile systems. For this purpose, to create optimum alternative design which has maximum ballistic range and maximum maneuverability, an optimization tool for conceptual design studies is created.