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Experimental and numerical investigation of the fretting fatigue of dissimilar mating surfaces

Korkmaz, Yezdan Medet
Fretting fatigue experiments and simulations were performed for dissimilar mating materials. In the first part of the study, experiments were conducted using different pad materials to clarify the effect of fretting fatigue on the dissimilar mating materials in terms of friction force, contact surfaces, and fatigue life of the substrate material. Steel and Aluminum pad materials were used in experiments. According to results, fretting fatigue life of the substrate material was dependent on the pad material. The fretting fatigue lives were examined under both high cycle and low cycle fatigue regimes. It was observed that friction force carrying capacity of aluminum pad was higher than steel pad load carrying capacity. In the second part of the study, finite element analysis was performed. The crack initiation lives and crack propagation lives were calculated using finite element model. According to results, fretting fatigue lives were obtained from finite element analysis were close and had similar trend with fatigue lives obtained from the experiments.