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The Right person to the right job: developing a two-sided matching methodology based on real employee data

Mutlu, Fatma
Talented employee is one of the most important factors that carries companies to success in today's business world. However, making employees work in the right position so that it is compatible with their ability, nature and capacity is a much more important factor for success. Ignoring this situation poses an obstacle to work in an efficient and effective way for the companies. The objective of this thesis is to provide a methodology to match employees with the right position by considering both technical and behavioural competencies. In this study, both the expectations of the employees and the positions are taken into consideration. Weights are given to these expectations. Then a multi objective optimization model is developed to make both employee and position satisfactory degree the most. Results of this study are used for the purpose of achieving high job satisfaction and productivity by improving bilateral matching of both employees and positions. This study may also be used as guidance in the planning of businesses related training and development activities. To show the applicability and contribution of the methodology developed, it is validated using real life data.