Fluidized bed lignite gasification.

Polat, Ali


Fluidized combustion of Beypazarı lignite and its pollution characteristics.
Özsaygi, İsmail Rifat; Department of Chemical Engineering (1980)
Fluidized combustion of Elbistan lignite and its pollution characteristics.
Toğay, Meleksima; Department of Chemical Engineering (1979)
Fluidized bed, microwave assisted fluidized bed drying of macaroni beads
Göksu, Emel Iraz; Esin, Ali; Şumnu, Gülüm; Department of Food Engineering (2003)
This study is aimed to compare the fluidized bed and microwave drying with microwave assisted fluidized bed drying. For this purpose, macaroni beads (2.4±0.08 mm diameter) were dried from about 20% to 12% moisture content in a fluidized bed of 7.6 cm diameter, in a domestic microwave oven with a power of 609 W and in the fluidized bed placed in the microwave oven conditions. In the experiments with the fluidized bed three air temperatures; 50, 60 and 70°C at an air velocity of 2.3 m/s and in those with the ...
Fluid-CO2 injection impact in a geothermal reservoir: Evaluation with 3-D reactive transport modeling
AKIN, TAYLAN; Baser, Ali; Saracoglu, Onder; Akın, Serhat (2022-01-01)
Geothermal energy is commonly recognized as an environmentally friendly source of energy. However, geothermal fluids have unusually high CO2 content, particularly, in carbonated geothermal reservoirs. An efficient method to mitigate the CO2 emissions of geothermal power plants is to re-inject the captured CO2 with the effluent fluid to mineralize mainly into calcite under reservoir conditions (e.g., reservoir temperatures ranging from 200 to 220 degrees C). One of the major concerns about the re-injection o...
Fluid Flow, Heat and Mass Transfer in Food Systems
Şahin, Serpil; Şümnü, Servet Gülüm; Hamamcı, Haluk (Nobel Yayın Dağıtım, 2020-01-01)
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A. Polat, “Fluidized bed lignite gasification.,” Middle East Technical University, 1985.