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Yemen as a weak state: contextualizing the yemeni civil wars of 1962 and 2014 in regional politics.

Aygül, Ayşenur
This thesis aims to analyse the Yemeni civil wars of 1962 and 2014 by using weak state literature and contextualize them in the regional politics of the 1960s and the 2010s. Yemen has become a battlefield for Egyptian-Saudi rivalry in the Arab Cold War through the 1962-70 Yemeni civil war and for Saudi-Iranian rivalry in the Middle East Cold War because of the Yemeni civil war (2014-). This thesis argues that both of the wars have been results of first and foremost internal Yemeni problems and their roots have gone back to decades; however, Yemen has easily become subject to the regional competition of the 1960s and the 2010s through these wars since it has been a weak state. The Yemeni civil wars have been shaped by mainly two interlinked environments: domestic, and regional. This thesis advocates that Yemeni civil wars have fairly reflected the Middle Eastern politics; so, analyzing regional politics will give a framework to interpret the wars in the regional context.