Effects of urban tourism on the historical urban space within the framework of urban revitalization: the case of Hamamönü, Ankara

Yorulmaz, Burçi
Cities have been under pressure depending on the requirements of the time and culture of life; in other words, cities have taken shape in the process from the early period until today. Two centuries ago, the rise of industrial society rapidly changed the structure of cities; has turned them into world workshops. Thus, cities have become physically transformed, socially segregated or excluded and economically developed, becoming part of today's “global” life. In the global race, the most important actor discovered in the cities in recent years has been urban tourism. The effects of urban tourism on cities are mostly felt in historical areas. Urban revitalization, one of the conservation methods, is used as a tool in the development of urban tourism and transforms cities. In this context, this study examines the contribution of revitalization projects implemented in Hamamönü to urban tourism.