Blood pressure trend estimation from EKG and multiple PPG data

Ofluoğlu, Atıf Emre
Blood pressure (BP) measurement using Pulse Transient Time (PTT) is noninvasive cuff-less measurement technique. In this technique, blood pressure pulse is measured from at least two sites of the body. The difference between arrival time of the blood pressure wave to these locations is measured. In this thesis, cuff-less noninvasive blood pressure estimation technique based on PTT measurement is investigated to estimate blood pressure trending. For this purpose, a data collection setup is built. The setup consists of high speed RGB camera and ECG&PPG IC sensor. The camera is used for extracting video PPG (vPPG) signal from the subject’s forehead. The IC sensor is used to acquire fingertip PPG and 1 Lead ECG. The experimental data is acquired from 10 volunteers (6 male and 4 female), aged from 21 to 30. For each subject, many data recording sessions are held. Two of the sessions are in rest position and the other two are after exercise to differentiate blood pressure levels among sessions. PTT of each subject for every session is extracted by further processing of the recordings at these sessions. Relation between PTT values and measured blood pressure values by using a gold standard blood pressure measurement device with cuff are investigated using linear regression. Inverse relation is found between PTT and BP. In conclusion, it is showed that blood pressure trending can be estimated by using PTT.
Citation Formats
A. E. Ofluoğlu, “Blood pressure trend estimation from EKG and multiple PPG data,” Thesis (M.S.) -- Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. Electrical and Electronics Engineering., Middle East Technical University, 2019.