Description and verification of a model to calculate the efficiency of a bifacial pv module using theoretical and experimental observations

Durusoy, Beyz
Bifacial solar modules can use the solar irradiation reaching directly to its back surface as their cells are constructed to have photovoltaic response for both faces. They have been investigating since 1960s and hold a promising future compared to mono-facial cells. Since bifacial solar modules capture photons from both surfaces, the efficiency of a bifacial solar module strongly depends on the rear side illumination. This thesis aims to construct a model to calculate the rear side solar irradiation incident on a bifacial module. We also examine the variation of solar irradiation at different heights of the rear surface and effect of shading. The thesis also aims to outline a model procedure to reach the yield of a bifacial module. The modelling is verified using experimental data measured in GÜNAM’s Outdoor Test Facility.