Influencers of envıronmental technology dıffusıon: a case study on dıffusıon of landfıll gas to energy technology ın Turkey

Erdoğdu, Sine
The aim of this study is to describe influencers of Landfill Gas to Energy technology diffusion in Turkey and explore influencing mechanisms in order to shed some light on environmental technology diffusion. The grounded theory was adopted as the research methodology. 8 semi-structured interviews were carried out with actors from private sector who are engaged in Landfill Gas to Energy investments in Turkey. The results of the data analysis suggest that, the feed-in-tariff mechanism has fulfilled the duty of supporting Landfill Gas to Energy technology diffusion in 2015 and after that it has begun to act as a compensator for the shortcomings of the municipal solid waste management system in Turkey. Our hypothesis is that; the feed-in-tariff instrument which have been introduced without considering its environmental impacts, has resulted in a lock-in to the marginal environmental innovation and has been a barrier in front of radical changes. Finally, we have proposed technology policies in micro, meso and macro scale to solve the technological lock-in problem.