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Analysis of ring focus reflectors

Özdemir, Halil
Ring focus dual reflectors are the most modern forms of the dual reflectors. They have distinctive geometries which eliminate the aperture blocking that results from the mechanical structure of sub-reflector. This characteristic of ring focus dual reflectors provides a more controllable reflector pattern as compared with classical dual reflectors. Also, the shape of the reflector pattern is different from the classical dual reflectors because of the fact that ring focus dual reflector geometries are different from the geometries of classical dual reflectors. The main aim of this thesis is investigation of the advantages and disadvantages which are coming with the usage of ring focus dual reflectors. In accordance with this aim, the analytical methods which provide the calculation of reflector patterns will be examined and they will be applied to classical and ring focus dual reflectors. The novelties that ring focus dual reflectors bring about will be presented in the thesis and compatibility of the obtained results with the real world will be discussed.