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An exploratory data analysis on architectural research agenda.

Ekinci, Bara
The means of architectural production varies in terms of knowledge generation; however, the intellect product of the architectural domain is mainly written. The written mediums that are dedicated to architectural theories, discussions, research and agendas differ from articles, books, theses, etc., and these textual data increase exponentially by ever year. Thus, conventional qualitative data analysis became incapable to catch the pace of researching these texts and their corresponding knowledge. Therefore, novel methods such as textual data analysis emerged to index or extract useful information from texts. This study will focus on the architectural research conducted under Master of Architecture degrees in Turkey and aims to extract knowledge from the national electronic thesis database through text mining methods to develop a data-driven statistical model. This model will be the basis for the critical reading of the research agendas, their trends and the research characteristics of universities. Besides the analysis, the systematic approach that will be developed during this study is aimed to be a reproducible and scalable method for future studies.