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Integrating smart city and smart building key performance indicators (KPI) for development of an integrated smart building assessment methodology

Parlak, Ahmet Semih
Smart building (SB) concept has become and becomes more and more popular day by day with various benefits it presents to lives of people. Accordingly, the number of studies performed on SBs continuously increases. Even if SBs are a part of people’s lives for approximately forty (40) years and many researchers have proposed different approaches on SB definition and SB assessment, no consensus has been reached on these approaches. Besides, a trend wider than SBs, namely Smart Sustainable City (SSC), has become prominent in recent years. Since SBs are part of SSCs, parallel development in the assessment of the performance of both SBs and SSCs, such as Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), is important. However, the literature lacks an integrated SB assessment study composed of a combination of KPIs fit for SBs and SSCs. Hence, the objective of this study is to compare and synthesize the KPIs of SBs from the building and city perspectives. In this study, primarily the existing SB assessment methodologies and their KPIs were examined. Similarly, SSC assessment methodologies were investigated. Then, the KPIs that are suitable in both city and building scales were synthesized into an integrated SB assessment methodology. A case study is performed to apply the methodology on an academic research park (a recently constructed building). In this way, the applicability of the methodology for the existing buildings is assessed. The results of this study are valuable due to their applicability as transition steps towards SSCs.