Construction techniques of traditional houses in Cumalikizik Village, Bursa (Turkey).

Kızılkuşak, Resmiye Tuğb
The choice of materials, their properties and selected construction techniques undoubtedly play important role in the survival of historical buildings for centuries. They do not only give information about the lifestyle and spatial reflections of their periods, but they also provide traditional knowledge filtered through experience in construction techniques and material use. Understanding buildings together with this traditional construction knowledge is important both for correct interventions and for ensuring continuation of this knowledge to future generations. For this reason, the aim of this study is to generate information by understanding and documenting the construction techniques of traditional houses in Cumalıkızık Village which is one of the earliest Ottoman rural settlements. To achieve this purpose, a literature survey focusing on history and conservation practice in Cumalıkızık was conducted. In addition to this, in the municipality and related institutions, archival study was carried out in order to gather the already prepared measured drawings of the houses and to understand architectural and technical characteristics of Cumalıkızık houses. Then at the initial stage of the thesis, a site survey was done to select the buildings that keep their authenticity and of which construction systems can be observed and to be studied. After site survey, three groups of buildings were selected for detailed study. Group A consists of 8 buildings that maintain residential function, keep authentic construction details and building integrity. Group B consists of 1 building that is dismantled from the roof to the foundation within the scope of the conservation practices carried out in the site. Group C, on the other hand, is composed of 8 ruins that have lost the integrity of the building but provide details. In the study, which examined 17 buildings in total, the construction technique of the buildings in Group A and B was examined as a whole from the foundation to the roof, while the construction technique of the buildings in Group C was evaluated as partial according to the original remaining detail. This gathered information was categorized so that the variety of construction techniques and material usage and the frequency of use of different solutions were investigated.
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R. T. Kızılkuşak, “Construction techniques of traditional houses in Cumalikizik Village, Bursa (Turkey).,” Thesis (M.Arch.) -- Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences. Conservation of Cultural Heritage in Architecture., Middle East Technical University, 2019.