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Motivation for Computational Support for Updating Building Information Models BIMs

Akçamete Güngör, Aslı
Akıncı, Burcu
Garrett, James H
Facilities are dynamic in nature and as-built conditions of a facility frequently change during construction and operations. Correspondingly, building information models (BIMs) representing the facilities need to be updated. As a first step in identifying computational support for updating BIM, it is necessary to understand what types of changes occur during the life-cycle of a facility. With that goal in mind, the authors performed two construction case studies and observed work orders from daily maintenance and emergency response recovery activities during facility operations. This paper presents a synthesis and cross-comparison of these studies and highlights some initial patterns of changes occurring throughout the life-cycle of a facility. It also discusses some challenges associated with managing such changes and updating building information models accordingly, as well as how well commercially available systems address these challenges. This analysis emphasizes a need for computational support for change management.