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One home two women: sexual experience and sexual knowledge transmission from mother to daughter in Turkey

Çöllü Kuzucuoğlu, Nur
Sexuality is more than a word, it depends on familial relations, interaction, knowledge and experience. Like sexuality, sexual socialization also refers to knowledge and experience. How women are sexually socialized is a significant problematic for the feminist theory. Every woman has a unique recollection of her sexual socialization; these memories belong to childhood, adolescence and adulthood. The current study emphasizes how sexual experience and sexual knowledge are transmitted from mother to daughter in Turkey. Its aims to advance a new perspective to sexual knowledge and generational transmission of sexual experience. Hence, the study is focusing on two group of women amongst which ten of them are mothers and ten of them are daughters. Qualitative research is used in order to deeply problematize sexual knowledge. The originality of the study lies in Feminist Standpoint Theory which is theoretical framework. In addition, feminist epistemology and feminist methodology are guiding lights of the research. Unit of analysis is woman and both groups of women have situational and positional knowledge. In order to discuss sexual knowledge, issues of sexuality, sexual socialization, family and motherhood are interrogated.