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Inhibition of Penicillium digitatum and Penicillium italicum in vitro and in planta with Panomycocin, a novel exo-beta-1,3-glucanase isolated from Pichia anomala NCYC 434

Izgu, Demet Altinbay
Kepekci, Remziye Aysun
İzgü, Kadri Fatih
Panomycocin, a novel exo-beta 1,3 glucanase, was tested as an antifungal agent against green and blue mold diseases, the most important causes of post harvest decay in citrus fruits. All tested isolates of Penicillium digitatum and Penicillium italicum were susceptible to panomycocin in vitro. Effective panomycocin concentrations for 50% growth inhibition (MIC-2) for P. digitatum and P. italicum were 2 and 1 mu g ml(-1), respectively. Complete (MIC-0) growth inhibition of all isolates observed at a panomycocin concentration of 16 mu g ml(-1). Treatment of spores with panomycocin at values lower than the MIC-0 led to slower germ tube elongation and mycelium growth. In tests on fruit, panomycocin at concentrations equal to in vitro MIC-0 value protected lemon fruit from decay.