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Reanalysis of Omega(c) -> Xi K-+(c)- Decay in QCD

The strong coupling constants of newly observed Omega(0)(c) baryons with spins J = 1/2 and I = 3/2 decaying into Xi K-+(c)- are estimated within light cone QCD sum rules. The calculations are performed within two different scenarios on quantum numbers of St, baryons: (a) all newly observed Omega(c) baryons are negative parity baryons; that is, the Omega(c)(3000), Omega(c)(3050),Omega(c)(3066), and Omega(c)(3090) have quantum numbers J(P) = (1/2)(-) and J(p) = (3/2)(-) states, respectively; (b) the states Omega(c)(3000) and Omega(c)(3050) have quantum numbers J(P)= (1/2)(-) and J(P)= (1/2)(+), while the states Omega(c)(3066) and Omega(c)(3090) have the quantum numbers J(P) = (3/2)(-) and J(P) = (3/2)(+), respectively. By using the obtained results on the coupling constants, we calculate the decay widths of the corresponding decay. The results on decay widths are compared with the experimental data of LHC Collaboration. We found out that the predictions on decay widths within these scenarios are considerably different from the experimental data; that is, both considered scenarios are ruled out.