EFficient Adaptive STreaming (EFAST): Algorithm, implementation and evaluation-Verimli Uyarlanabilir Akıs (EFAST): Algoritma,Gerçeklestirim, Degerlendirme

In this paper, we propose EFAST (EFficient Adaptive STreaming) as a new rate adaptation algorithm for HTTP Adaptive Streaming (HAS) clients to select the requested video bit rate. EFAST is entirely implemented on the client side to maintain compatibility with the HTTP servers. The video bit rates are selected by a fuzzy logic controller to systematically specify the control actions under the complex and dynamically changing network conditions. Our experiment results from simulation and actual implementation show that EFAST clients select the maximum possible video bit rate and share the network bandwidth fairly. Furthermore, EFAST avoids buffer depletion and the rate changes are limited in frequency and magnitude.