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A micro macro approach to the failure of rubber like materials

Dal, Hüsnü
Kaliske, Michael
Rubbery polymers are modelled with hyperelastic constitutive laws by which the material can be stretched indefinitely or up to a certain locking stretch value. However, no material can sustain indefinite stretch and store infinite energy. Failure occurs after a threshold value for stress and/or energy is attained. Within this context, an approach for failure analysis of rubber–like materials based on the constitutive description of material is presented. The model is based on a hyperelastic material law representing the energy stored in rubber network due to the chain conformations connected in series to an interatomic bond potential representing the energy stored in the polymer chain due to the interatomic displacement. For the representation of the micro–macro transition in terms of non–affine kinematics, micro–sphere model is utilized. Morse potential is used for the description of the interatomic bond, which describes the energetic contribution to rubber–like materials and governs the failure of the polymer chain.