İleri malzemelerde elektronlardan mikroyapıya

Tomak, Mehmet
Çağın, Tahir
Uludoğan, Mustafa
Biber, Alper
Bekkaya, Suat
Dereli, Gülay
In this work, the thermodynamical and mechanical properties of Au, Ag, Cu, Ni, Pt and Rh fcc metals and Pt-Rh, Ag-Au and Ni-Cu binary alloys are investigated. The Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulation method is used for this purpose. The most important input for MD-computation, the interatomic interaction potential is chosen to be the Sutton-Chen potential based on the tight-binding formalism. The temperature and density dependence of thermodynamic and mechenical properties are investigated in detail. The simulation results are in agreement with the available experimental results.
Citation Formats
M. Tomak, T. Çağın, M. Uludoğan, A. Biber, S. Bekkaya, and G. Dereli, “İleri malzemelerde elektronlardan mikroyapıya,” 1999. Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: