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Electronic-structure of strained sin/gen(001) superlattices

Çıracı, Salim
Gülseren, Oğuz
Ellialtıoğlu, Süleyman Şinasi
Using the empirical tight binding method we have investigated the electronic properties of the Sin/Gen(001) strained superlattices as a function of the superlattice periodicity and the band misfit. For n ≥ 4 we have found that first and second conduction band states are localized in Si. The hole states localized in Ge appear for n ≥ 4. The difference between the direct and indirect band gaps is reduced from 2.01 eV for bulk Si to 0.01 eV for n=6 which can be considered to be quasi-direct. For the cases n=6 and n=8, the band gap might become direct for large values of band misfit.