Plastisite için hasar kavramının modellenmesi

Tekkaya, Erman A.
Akyüz, Uğurhan
Soyarslan, Celal
Groche, Peter
Rathmann, Thomas


Investigation of plasma deposited hexagonal boron nitride thin films
Anutgan, Mustafa; Katırcıoğlu, Bayram; Department of Physics (2007)
Hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) thin films are deposited by plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD). Effects of heat treatment and source gases on the structure and physical properties are investigated. Chemical bonding is analyzed in comparison with the better understood isoelectronic carbon compound, graphite. It seems that the basic difference between h-BN and graphite arises from the different electronegativities of boron and nitrogen atoms. Optical absorptions in UV-visible range for crystalli...
Otokorelasyon ve fonksiyonel biçim : genelleştirilmiş fonksiyonel biç
Tıktık, Ahmet; Department of Economics (1981)
Development of acetylcholinesterase biosensor for the detection of pesticides
Kavruk, Murat; Öktem, Hüseyin Avni; Eyidoğan, Füsun İnci; Department of Biotechnology (2010)
Pesticides are natural or artificial molecules aimed to kill, or mitigate any harmful organism. Although their use in agriculture provides us with an increased crop yield, remains of chemicals on the products creates health concerns in society. Organophosphates and carbamates are two groups of insecticides. Although they are far more lethal against insects and small animals, they can also cause poisoning in humans through the inhibition of acetylcholinesterase enzyme (AChE) that plays an important role in h...
Modelling damage for elastoplasticity
Soyarslan, Celal; Akyüz, Uğurhan; Department of Civil Engineering (2009)
A local isotropic damage coupled hyperelastic-plastic framework is formulated in principal axes where thermo-mechanical extensions are also addressed. It is shown that, in a functional setting, treatment of many damage growth models, including ones originated from phenomenological models (with formal thermodynamical derivations), micro-mechanical models or fracture criteria, proposed in the literature, is possible. Quasi-unilateral damage evolutionary forms are given with special emphasis on the feasibility...
Fano control of plasmonic double-resonant systems
Postacı, Selen; Bek, Alpan; Taşgın, Mehmet Emre; Department of Physics (2021-2-12)
The nonlinear response of plasmonic nanostructures can be enhanced as a result of the localization of the incident field into nm-size regions, called hot spots. The Raman signal of a molecule can be enhanced by adsorbing it to the surface of a plasmonic structure. However, the hot spot enhancement is limited with the modification of the vibrational modes, the breakdown of the molecule, and transition to the tunneling regime. The analytical treatment that is presented in this study aims to circumvent these l...
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