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Galaksideki pulsarlar ve yıldız oluşum bölgelerinin (Sfr) dağılımını güncelleyerek Sfr'lerin galaksi düzlemine göre asimetrisinin ilk kez belirlenmesi

Yerli, Sinan Kaan
Yeşilyaprak, Cahit
Ankay, Aşkın
In this project, we have tried to find calibrators (radio pulsar with ages less than 106 years, some specific SNR’s and massive X-ray binary sources) that will be used through out the Galaxy. In addition to calibrator properties, with the help of these sources, by studying distribution of SFRs we have tried to define the asymmetry of the Galaxy. For those pulsars that we have used, we defined our own criteria (especially pulsar distance and luminosity). To achieve this, the most important parameter of the Galaxy, distribution of electron density, had to be redefined. Therefore, by constructing a bigger picture of the Galaxy, distribution of the SFRs and asymmetry of the distribution could be reached.