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Ilık soğurganların kataklismik değişkenlerde ve x-ışını çift yıldız sistemlerinde incelenmesi

Aydemir, Turgut
Balman, Şölen
Pekön, Yakup
Our project is mainly on studying warm absorbers and complicated ionized and cold absorption in Cataclysmic Binaries and Low-mass and High mass X-ray binaries. Our other aims was to particularly understand and follow the X-ray evolution of classical novae (subclass of Cataclysmic Variables) during the outburst phases and study how the emission components change in time. A new approach in this project will be to study the white dwarf atmospheric emission during the hot phases of the evolution using the warm absorber and collisionally ionized absorber models. As it stands in the literature the analysis of the high resolution X-ray spectroscopy of Nova in outburst is very inadequate. In addition, in some particularly magnetic Cataclysmic Variables which shows complex absorption characteristics we plan to apply warm absorber models to explain the absorption properties and shed light into the light variations that can not be explained by mass transfer variations. This may well explain the orbital modulations in Intermediate Polar magnetic Cataclysmic Variables. We also plan to study warmabsorbers in Low-mass X-ray binaries by using timing techniques that are newly develped and try to ensemble the location of the absorbers in these systems and also look for any warmabsorber effects in High-mass X-ray binaries. In addition we plan to follow the X-ray evolution of Novae during the outburst stage with the ongoing X-ray missions in large collaborations.