Uzaktan algılama ve coğrafi bilgi teknolojilerine dayalı heyalan riski belirlemede risk altındaki elemanların belirlenmesi

Düzgün, Şebnem H.
Erener, Arzu
Hazards due to mass movements may pose human suffering, economical losses, and environmental degradation. These losses can be reduced by effective planning, systematic assessment and management of landslide risk. Total risk due to a natural hazard is defined by the product of the magnitude and intensity of the natural hazard, the number and size of elements at risk, and their vulnerability in terms of possible losses or degree of damage and destruction. In its simplest form risk is defined by multiplication of hazard and potential losses (consequences). There are a few published works on landslide risk assessment due to problems related to hazard and consequence mapping which are the main factors of risk assessment. The main reasons are difficulties in hazard, vulnerability and consequence mapping for a given region. The aim of this project is to determine one of the main element of landslide risk which is vulnarability related to element at risk. For this reasona methodology will be developed based on remote sensing and geographic information technologies. In the project the proposed methodological approach will be developed for Hepler village in Kumluca basin in Bartın. Simulations will be used for prediction of landslide runout zone. In this way, elements at risk in the predicted runout zone will be evaluated and potential losses will be estimated. In order to determine elements at risk in local sacle high resolution satellite images and geographic information systems will be utilized. For that reason based on this project it is planned to buy high resolution remote sensing images. The local scale risk map will be obtained by combining hazard maps, which is obtained by previous studies, with elements at risk maps by using geographic information technologies.
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Ş. H. Düzgün and A. Erener, “Uzaktan algılama ve coğrafi bilgi teknolojilerine dayalı heyalan riski belirlemede risk altındaki elemanların belirlenmesi,” 2009. Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: