Initiation of surface gravitational spreading against a current.

Ozcukurlu, Bâki


Initiation of bulk polymerization of styrene by a polymeric peroxycarbamate.
Örnek, Cengiz; Department of Chemistry (1976)
Generation of surface waves due to sudden movements at the sea bottom
Kırlangıç, Özgür Ulaş; Aydın, İsmail; Department of Civil Engineering (2004)
A mathematical model is developed for investigating time dependent surface deformations of a hydrostatic water volume, when it is subjected to a sudden partial collapse or rise of the sea bottom. The model solves two-dimensional Navier-Stokes Equations on a vertical plane numerically by using Marker and Cell Method (MAC) for viscous and compressible fluid including all the nonlinear effects in the solution. For demonstration, a vertical motion was given to a section in a hypothetical reservoir bed within a ...
Initiation of motion of coarse solitary particles on rough channel beds
Küçüktepe, Ömer İlker; Göğüş, Mustafa; Department of Civil Engineering (2009)
In this study the incipient motion of coarse solitary particles on channel beds having different roughness heights was experimentally investigated. The experiments were conducted in a tilting flume of a rectangular cross-section having a working length of 12 m and a rough bed composed of at least 2 layers of coarse gravel of almost constant size. The roughness material of the channel bed was changed three times. The slope of the channel bed and the discharge are two main parameters that determine the initia...
Propagation of plastic waves in acircular tube subjected to an axial pressure.
Belin, Mehmet Bulent; Department of Civil Engineering (1975)
Initiation and early growth of short fatigue cracks at inclusions
Kaynak, Cevdet; Baker, TJ (Informa UK Limited, 1996-05-01)
In this study, the initiation and early growth behaviour of short fatigue cracks in En7A steel with a high content of elongated MnS inclusions was investigated by generating and evaluating data on the growth of short fatigue cracks under various stress levels and stress ratios for the six principal specimen orientations. Short cracks usually initiated at the debonded interfaces between the matrix and the inclusions. If there was no debonding, cracking sometimes occurred in the inclusions. In the early stage...
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B. Ozcukurlu, “Initiation of surface gravitational spreading against a current.,” Middle East Technical University, 1980.