Espiye, Kızılkayalar bakırlı pirit yataklarının mineralojik etüdü

Unan, Coşkun


Acoustic evaluation of the surp yerrortutyun church and acoustical proposals for its multi-functional use
Cangür Ateş, Vicdan; Tavukçuoğlu, Ayşe; Çalışkan, Mehmet; Department of Building Science in Architecture (2022-5-10)
The main focuses of the study are (i) to define the as-is acoustical features of the Surp Yerrortutyun Church and its current acoustical problems by means of field measurements and acoustical simulation analyses, and (ii) to assess acoustic performances of some scenario-based proposals for the specific musical- and speech-related activities which are the real demands of local authorities. The investigation is composed of acoustic field measurements held in the monument and the acoustic simulation analyses o...
Pepsios spektrometresini kullanarak dünya atmosferindeki sodyum miktarının tayini
Yeğingil, İlhami; Ögelman, Hakkı; Kızıloğlu, Nilgün(1978-02-15)
Order driven flexible shop management
Bulut, Aykut; Kayalıgil, Sinan; Department of Industrial Engineering (2011)
The difficulties in responding to variation in product order mixes and load levels effectively in make to order are known. Most of the existing approaches consider releasing jobs to the shop (input control), changing capacity levels (output control) in a controlled way, order acceptance with different definitions of work load and due date assignment. Controlling the processes, routing options and the order accepting capacity with various tool combinations that will decrease tool loading are not considered p...
An Escher aware pattern analysis: symmetry beyond symmetry groups
Adanova, Venera; Tarı, Zehra Sibel; Department of Computer Engineering (2015)
Ornaments constructed by repeating a base motif, timeless and ubiquitous, link culture, art, science and mathematics. To this date, the mathematical study of the ornaments has been the study of discrete symmetry groups and permutations. As such, the study merely focuses on the mechanical side of repetition, ignoring the artistic aspects (symmetry breaking strategies via intriguing choices of form and color permutations) that make ornaments such bewildering objects. Taking our inspiration from Escher's art, ...
A semperian approach to artificial light as a building material
Kocaoğlu, Nihan; Savaş Sargın, Ayşen; Department of Architecture (2011)
The aim of this study is to understand the purpose, employment and place of specific materials in general, and “light” in particular, in architectural production. This thesis is a critical reconsideration of light as a building material, encompassing all the metaphorical connotations that the term suggests: light versus heavy; “art form” versus “core form”; “figuration” versus “tectonic”; ornamentation versus construction; craft production versus structural logic and abstraction versus materiality. All thes...
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