Speed control of single-phase induction motors by thyristors.

Uçantekin, Aziz


Speed control of induction motors using triacs.
Ersak, Aydan; Department of Electrical Engineering (1970)
Speed control of 3-phase wound-rotor induction motor by means of shaft mounted thyristors.
Yıldırım, Yılmaz; Department of Electrical Engineering (1976)
Speed Control by Sliding Mode of Synchronous Motor
Bahi, T.; Lachtar, S.; Soufi, Y.; Lckhchine, S.; Merabet, H. (2011-09-10)
This paper presents the results of a simulation for synchronous motor speed control using a Direct Torque Control (DTC). This technique was object of a deep study for synchronous motor drives instead of precise closed loop speed control. However, this technique presents some problems such as, high influence of the motor parameters. The sliding mode controller is a model-based approach used to improve the robustness of the control law despite this influence and to illustrate the good performance of this tech...
Acceleration performance of induction machines.
Karadeniz, Vedat; Department of Electrical Engineering (1971)
Performance Calculation of SR Motors for Optimum Design and a Washing Machine Application
Ertan, Hulusi Bülent (2008-09-09)
This paper aims to develop an approach for performance calculation of an SR motor, which is suitable for use within mathematical design optimization. For this reason the requirement is to develop procedures, which are both accurate and fast. The procedures adopted here rely on flux-linkage-current-position curves of the motor. A series of tests are carried out on a test motor. The results are compared with estimations from the developed algorithms. It is shown that the current waveform, torque-speed curve, ...
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A. Uçantekin, “Speed control of single-phase induction motors by thyristors.,” Middle East Technical University, 1972.