Contribution of slab to the torsional resistance of reinforced concrete beams.

Tarkan, Ruhi R


Contribution of reinforced concrete infills to seismic behavior of structural systems
Canbay, Erdem; Ozcebe, G (2003-09-01)
The object of this paper is to report an experimental investigation on the internal force distribution in reinforced concrete (RC) frames with added RC walls. The paper describes a special test setup and force transducers designed to determine the internal forces. The transducers were designed so that the stiffness change in the column would be minimal. The paper reports the results of a test in which a 1/3-scale, two-story, three-bay RC frame was first subjected to damaging lateral-drift reversals and was ...
Contribution of carbon nanotubes to vibration damping behavior of epoxy and its carbon fiber composites
Avil, Esma; Kadioglu, Ferhat; Kaynak, Cevdet (SAGE Publications, 2020-04-01)
The main objective of this study was to investigate contribution of the non-functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes on the vibration damping behavior of first neat epoxy resin and then unidirectional and bidirectional continuous carbon fiber reinforced epoxy matrix composites. Epoxy/carbon nanotubes nanocomposites were produced by ultrasonic solution mixing method, while the continuous carbon fiber reinforced composite laminates were obtained via resin-infusion technique. Vibration analysis data of the...
Ermis, Menekse; Baran, Erkan Turker; Dursun, Tugba; Antmen Altunsoy, Ezgi; Hasirci, Vasif (2014-01-01)
Contribution of RC infills to the seismic behavior of structural systems
Canbay, Erdem; Ersoy, Uğur; Özcebe, Güney; Department of Civil Engineering (2001)
Contribution of desiccation to the preconsolidation of Ankara Clay.
Kocabayoğlu, Erdal; Department of Civil Engineering (1971)
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R. R. Tarkan, “Contribution of slab to the torsional resistance of reinforced concrete beams.,” Middle East Technical University, 1969.