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Design of Pyrazolo-pyrrolo-pyrazines and Pyrazolo-pyrrolo-diazepines via AuCl3-Catalyzed and NaH-Supported Cyclization of N-Propargyl Pyrazoles

Basceken, Sinan
Balcı, Metin
A concise synthetic methodology for new heterocyclic scaffolds, such as pyrazolo-pyrrolo-pyrazine and pyrazolo-pyrrolo-diazepine skeletons, was developed. The key features of this method include (i) synthesis of pyrrole-derived alpha,beta-alkynyl ketones, (ii) introduction of various substituents into the alkyne functionality by Sonogashira cross-coupling, (iii) synthesis of pyrazole units by the reaction of alpha,beta-alkynyl compounds with hydrazine monohydrate, (iv) gold-catalyzed cyclization of pyrazoles with alkyne units, and (v) cyclization with NaH. Furthermore, this methodology allows various substituents to be introduced into all positions of the target compounds.