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Impact of transrectal prostate needle biopsy on erectile function: Results of power Doppler ultrasonography of the prostate

Tuncel, Altug
Toprak, Ugur
Balci, Melih
Koseoglu, Ersin
Aksoy, Yagiz
Karademir, Alp
Atan, Ali
We evaluated the impact of transrectal prostate needle biopsy (TPNB) on erectilefunction and on the prostate and bilateral neurovascular bundles using power Doppler ultraso-nography imaging of the prostate. The study consisted of 42 patients who had undergone TPNB.Erectile function was evaluated prior to the biopsy, and in the 3rd month after the biopsy usingthe first five-item version of t he International Index of Erectile Function (IIEF-5). Prior to and3 months after the biopsy, the resistivity index of the prostate parenchyma and both neurovas-cular bundles was measured. The mean age of the men was 64.2 (47e78) years. Prior to TPNB, 10(23.8%) patients did not have erectile dysfunction (ED) and 32 (76.2%) patients had ED. The meanIIEF-5 score was 20.8 (range: 2 e25) prior to the b iopsies, and the mean IIEF-5 score was 17.4(range: 5e25; p < 0.001) after 3 months. For patients who were previously potent in the pre-biopsy period, th e ED rate was 40% (n Z 4/10) at the 3rd month evaluation. In these patients,all the resistivity index value s were significantly decreased. Our results showed that TPNB maylead to an increased risk of ED. The presence of ED in men after TPNB might have an organic basis.Copyright ª 2013, Kaohsiung Medical University. Published by Elsevier Taiwan LLC. All rightsreserved