A value-adding approach to reliability under preventive maintenance costs and its applications

Kilic, Erdem
Ali, Sadia Samar
Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm
Dubey, Rameshwar
No equipment (system) can be perfectly reliable in spite of the utmost care and best efforts on the part of the designer, decision-maker and manufacturer. The two sides of maintenance are corrective and preventive maintenance. It is generally assumed that a preventive maintenance action is less costly than a repair maintenance action. We examine this proposition in detail on the basis of a failure-time model that relates conformance quality to reliability. Illustratively, we present reliability in the context of contracts with asymmetric information. The model shows how to overcome information rents through price distortions and quantity rationing. The paper ends with a conclusion and an outlook to future studies.


Self-learning K-means clustering: a global optimization approach
Volkovich, Z.; Toledano-Kitai, D.; Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2013-06-01)
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An Interactive Algorithm for Multi-objective Route Planning
Tezcaner, Diclehan; Köksalan, Mustafa Murat (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2011-08-01)
We address the route selection problem for Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) under multiple objectives. We consider a general case for this problem, where the UAV has to visit several targets and return to the base. We model this problem as a combination of two combinatorial problems. First, the path to be followed between each pair of targets should be determined. We model this as a multi-objective shortest path problem. Additionally, we need to determine the order of the targets to be visited. We model this as ...
A new approximate evaluation method for two-echelon inventory systems with emergency shipments
Oezkan, Erhun; VAN HOUTUM, Geert-Jan; Serin, Yaşar Yasemin (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2015-01-01)
We consider the inventory control of repairable spare parts in a network consisting of a central warehouse, a central repair facility, and multiple local warehouses. Demands for spare parts occur at the local warehouses. If a local warehouse is out of stock, then an arriving demand is satisfied by an emergency shipment from the central warehouse or the central repair facility. Such emergency shipments are common practice for networks that support technical systems with high downtime costs. We develop a new ...
Quantitative Comparison of Approximate Solution Sets for Multicriteria Optimization Problems with Weighted Tchebycheff Preference Function
Bozkurt, Bilge; Fowler, John W.; Gel, Esma S.; Kim, Bosun; Köksalan, Mustafa Murat; Wallenius, Jyrki (Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), 2010-05-01)
We consider. the problem of evaluating the quality of solution sets generated by heuristics for multiple-objective combinatorial optimization problems. We extend previous research on the integrated preference functional (IPF), which assigns a scalar value to a given discrete set of nondominated points so that the weighted Tchebycheff function can be used as the underlying implicit value function. This extension is useful because modeling the decision maker's value function with the weighted Tchebycheff func...
A comparative study of aisc-360 and eurocode 3 strength limit states
Şahin, Serkan; Topkaya, Cem; Department of Civil Engineering (2009)
Nowadays; design, fabrication and erection of steel structures can be taken place at different locations as a result of rapid globalization; owners may require the use of widely accepted steel design codes. Therefore, engineers are faced with the challenge of being competent with several design specifications for a particular material type. AISC-360 and EC3 are widely accepted steel structure design specifications that utilize limit state principles with some similarities and differences in application. Her...
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