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Exploring the Multidimensional Structure of Sensory Processing Sensitivity in Turkish Samples

Şengül İnal, Gülbin
Sümer, Nebi
We compared alternative models to explore the multidimensionality of the Highly Sensitive Person Scale (HSPS; Aron and Aron 1997) on two Turkish samples. Using exploratory factor analysis, first study (N = 412) yielded four factors representing diverse domains of sensory processing sensitivity (SPS). Using both traditional confirmatory factor analysis and exploratory structural equation modeling (ESEM), a second study (N = 341) confirmed the multidimensionality of the HSPS, and demonstrated that the four-factor ESEM solution (sensitivity to external stimuli, aesthetic sensitivity, harm avoidance, and sensitivity to overstimulation) was superior to the previously reported alternative models. Four factors were also systematically associated with the external validators including big five personality traits. Findings suggested that a multifaceted approach to SPS representing domain-specific sensitivities is needed.