A forms class virtual terminal service project

Bilgen, Semih
Aykut, Mustafa
Ekinci, Orkun
In this paper, first, the virtual terminal approach to the problem of supporting diverse types of terminals over public access networks is briefly surveyed. Secondly, a research and development project for forms class virtual terminal service currently undertaken in Turkey is outlined. The project envisages the development of a terminal-independent screen representation and the associated conversion subsystems within a two-year horizon.
Computer Networks and ISDN Systems


Fingerprinting Localization in Wireless Networks Based on Received-Signal-Strength Measurements: A Case Study on WiMAX Networks
Bshara, Mussa; Orguner, Umut; Gustafsson, Fredrik; Van Biesen, Leo (2010-01-01)
This paper considers the problem of fingerprinting localization in wireless networks based on received-signal-strength (RSS) observations. First, the performance of static localization using power maps (PMs) is improved with a new approach called the base-station-strict (BS-strict) methodology, which emphasizes the effect of BS identities in the classical fingerprinting. Second, dynamic motion models with and without road network information are used to further improve the accuracy via particle filters. The...
Multi-Connectivity Enabled User Association
Simsek, Goksel; Alemdar, Hande; Onur, Ertan (2019-09-01)
This paper focuses on the problem of multi-connectivity enabled downlink user association to maximize the overall throughput in small cell networks, which is an NP-Hard problem. We formulate the problem of user association as a linear and integer optimization problem. Furthermore, we propose a many-to-two variation of hospitals/residents matching algorithm as a heuristic solution to the problem. In this variation, users propose to small cells and the preference lists are constructed based on the distance be...
Hierarchical multitasking control of discrete event systems: Computation of projections and maximal permissiveness
Schmidt, Klaus Verner; Cury, José E.r. (null; 2010-12-01)
This paper extends previous results on the hierarchical and decentralized control of multitasking discrete event systems (MTDES). Colored observers, a generalization of the observer property, together with local control consistency, allow to derive sufficient conditions for synthesizing modular and hierarchical control that are both strongly nonblocking (SNB) and maximally permissive. A polynomial procedure to verify if a projection fulfills the above properties is proposed and in the case they fail for a g...
Development of X-Band Transceiver MMIC's Using GaN Technology
Memioglu, Onur; Kazan, Oguz; Turan, Isinsu; Karakuzulu, Alper; Gundel, Adnan; Kocer, Fatih; Aydın Çivi, Hatice Özlem (2019-01-01)
This paper describes X-Band power amplifier (PA), low noise amplifier (LNA) and switches that can be used in transmit/ receive modules which are developed with GaN technology. For Transmit chain two 25 W high power amplifiers that are tuned between 8-10 GHz and 10-12 GHz bands are designed. A low noise amplifier with 2 W survivability and less than 2dB noise figure is designed for receive chain. Furthermore, an RF switch that is capable of withstanding 25 W RF power is developed for the selection of transmi...
An Infrastructure for efficient reporting workflow in grid based teleradiology applications
Yılmaz, Ayhan Ozan; Baykal, Nazife; Department of Health Informatics (2015)
This study proposes an infrastructure with a global workflow management algorithm in order to interconnect facilities, reporting units and radiologists on a single access interface. This infrastructure is enhanced by a reporting workflow optimization algorithm (RWOA) to determine the optimum match between the inspection and radiologist in terms of experience, subspeciality, response time and workload parameters. RWOA increases the efficiency of the reporting process by decreasing access time to medical images a...
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S. Bilgen, M. Aykut, and O. Ekinci, “A forms class virtual terminal service project,” Computer Networks and ISDN Systems, pp. 305–309, 1987, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/52055.