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Draft Genome Sequences of Two Heat-Resistant Mutant Strains (A52 and B41) of the Photosynthetic Hydrogen-Producing BacteriumRhodobacter capsulatus

Gokce, Abdulmecit
Cakar, Zeynep Petek
Yucel, Meral
Ozcan, Orhan
Sencan, Sevde
Sertdemir, Ibrahim
Erguner, Bekir
Yuceturk, Betul
Sarac, Aydan
Yuksel, Bayram
Ozturk, Yavuz
The draft genome sequences of two heat-resistant mutant strains, A52 and B41, derived from Rhodobacter capsulatus DSM 1710, and with different hydrogen production levels, are reported here. These sequences may help understand the molecular basis of heat resistance and hydrogen production in R. capsulatus.