Multi-objective two-stage grey transportation problem using utility function with goals

Roy, Sankar Kumar
Maity, Gurupada
Weber, Gerhard Wilhelm


Multi-criteria feasibility assessment of the monorail transportation system in metu campus
Tarighi, Amin; Sayın, Erol; Department of Industrial Engineering (2011)
The overall objective of this thesis is to assess the financial, technical and social feasibility of investing in modern Automated People Movers (APM) transportation systems, generally known as monorails, in METU campus which presents a unique opportunity to fulfill the modern-day transportation needs of METU campus. This study complements the Presidency Office’s long term goal to integrate environmental, social and economic sustainability into the policies, practices and culture of the university and ultim...
Broadband Multilevel Fast Multipole Algorithm Based on an Approximate Diagonalization of the Green's Function
Ergül, Özgür Salih (2015-07-01)
We present a broadband multilevel fast multipole algorithm (MLFMA) for fast and efficient solutions of three-dimensional multiscale problems involving large objects with dense discretizations. The proposed solver is based on the approximate diagonalization of the Green's function using scaled spherical and plane waves, leading to stable interaction computations for arbitrarily short distances in terms of wavelength. Despite contradictory requirements on the scaling factor that limit the accuracy of the diag...
Incomplete-Leaf Multilevel Fast Multipole Algorithm for Multiscale Penetrable Objects Formulated With Volume Integral Equations
Takrimi, Manouchehr; Ergül, Özgür Salih; ERTÜRK, VAKUR BEHÇET (2017-09-01)
Recently introduced incomplete-leaf (IL) tree structures for multilevel fast multipole algorithm (referred to as IL-MLFMA) is proposed for the analysis of multiscale inhomogeneous penetrable objects, in which there are multiple orders of magnitude differences among the mesh sizes. Considering a maximum Schaubert-Wilton-Glisson function population threshold per box, only overcrowded boxes are recursively divided into proper smaller boxes, leading to IL tree structures consisting of variable box sizes. Such a...
Multi-item two-echelon spare parts inventory control problem with batch ordering in the central warehouse under compound Poisson demand
Topan, E; Bayındır, Zeynep Pelin (Informa UK Limited, 2012-8)
We consider a multi-item two-echelon spare part inventory system in which the central warehouse operates under an (nQ, R) policy and the local warehouses implement order-up-to S policy, each facing a compound Poisson demand. The objective is to find the policy parameters minimizing expected system-wide inventory holding and fixed ordering costs subject to an aggregate mean response time constraint at each warehouse. In this paper, we propose four alternative approximations for the steady state performance o...
Multi-criteria decision making in site selection for nuclear power plants
Tuncer, Berna; Dener Akkaya, Ayşen.; Department of Statistics (2019)
Nuclear energy is an important alternative energy source. However the construction of nuclear power plants (NPP) requires the consideration of various factors, such as environmental, economic, socioeconomic, health and safety. Accordingly, selection of the most suitable site for the construction of a nuclear power plant yields to a multi-criteria decision making problem. Seismic hazard, environmental conditions, population, health hazards, availability of water resources (for cooling purposes) are among the...
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S. K. Roy, G. Maity, and G. W. Weber, “Multi-objective two-stage grey transportation problem using utility function with goals,” CENTRAL EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF OPERATIONS RESEARCH, pp. 417–439, 2017, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: