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Radiation Pattern Characterization of Terahertz Photoconductive Antennas Using Time-Domain Spectroscopy System

Elmabruk, Kholoud
Demir, Kazim
Altan, Hakan
This paper presents the radiation pattern characterization of terahertz photoconductive antennas using a new technique. The proposed technique is implemented using a modified terahertz time domain spectroscopy by applying a full mapping of the THz beam. The proposed method was also compared with analytical methods and numerical solvers. The comparison of the measured results with that of the simulations shows a half-power beam width error of 1.5. and an optical path difference error of 8%. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time terahertz time domain spectroscopy system is used to characterize the radiation pattern of terahertz photoconductive antennas.