Kaluza-Klein vortices

Onemli, VK
Tekin, Bayram
We study static vortex type solutions of pure gravity for D greater than or equal to 4 + 1. Non-singular vortex solutions can be obtained by considering periodic Kaluza-Klein monopoles. We also show that away from the center of the vortices the space is described by the gravitational instantons derived from minimal surfaces.


Particle content of quadratic and f (R-mu nu sigma rho) theories in (A)dS
Tekin, Bayram (2016-05-17)
We perform a complete decoupling of the degrees of freedom of quadratic gravity and the generic f(R-mu nu sigma rho) theory about any one of their possible vacua, i.e. maximally symmetric solutions, and find the masses of the spin-2 and spin-0 modes in explicit forms.
Multi-instantons in R-4 and minimal surfaces in R-2,R-1
Tekin, Bayram (2000-08-01)
It is known that self-duality equations for multi-instantons on a line in four dimensions are equivalent to minimal surface equations in three-dimensional Minkowski space. We extend this equivalence beyond the equations of motion and show that topological number, instanton moduli space and anti-self-dual solutions have representations in terms of minimal surfaces. The issue of topological charge is quite subtle because the surfaces that appear are non compact. This minimal surface/instanton correspondence a...
Gravitating instantons in 3 dimensions
Ferstl, A; Tekin, Bayram; Weir, V (2000-09-15)
We study the Einstein-Chern-Simons gravity coupled to Yang-Mills-Higgs theory in three-dimensional Euclidean space with a cosmological constant. The classical equations reduce to Bogomol'nyi type first order equations in curved space. There are BPS type gauge theory instanton (monopole) solutions of finite action in a gravitational instanton which itself has a finite action. We also discuss gauge theory instantons in the vacuum (zero action) AdS space. In addition we point out to some exact solutions which ...
Phase transition in compact QED3 and the Josephson junction
Onemli, VK; Tas, M; Tekin, Bayram (2001-08-01)
We study the finite temperature phase transition in 2+1 dimensional compact QED and its dual theory: Josephson junction. Duality of these theories at zero temperature was established long time ago in [1]. Phase transition in compact QED is well studied thus we employ the 'duality' to study the superconductivity phase transition in a Josephson junction. For a thick junction we obtain a critical temperature in terms of the geometrical properties of the junction.
Higher dimensional metrics of colliding gravitational plane waves
Gurses, M; Kahya, EO; Karasu, Atalay (2002-07-15)
We give a higher even dimensional extension of vacuum colliding gravitational plane waves with the combinations of collinear and noncollinear polarized four-dimensional metrics. The singularity structure of space-time depends on the parameters of the solution.
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V. Onemli and B. Tekin, “Kaluza-Klein vortices,” JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS, pp. 0–0, 2001, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/52877.