U-Pb age and isotope data from the S- and I-type syn-collisional granites in the Ekecikdag area, central Anatolia

Gerdes, Axel
Göncüoğlu, Mehmet Cemal
Moller, Andreas
Frei, Dirk
Köksal, Serhat
Toksoy Köksal, Fatma


U-shaped frequency selective surfaces for single- and dual-band applications together with absorber and sensor configurations
Bakir, Mehmet; DELİHACIOĞLU, KEMAL; KARAASLAN, MUHARREM; Dincer, Furkan; Sabah, Cumali (Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET), 2016-02-19)
In this study, the frequency selective surface (FSS), absorbance and sensing applications of new unit cells comprised of single, double and quad U-shaped metallic elements are numerically and experimentally investigated. The numerical results are realised by using finite integration technique-based electromagnetic simulation software, CST Microwave Studio. Experimental results are obtained by means of Agilent N5234A PNA-L vector network analyser. The simulated and measured results of U-shaped FSSs are carri...
U uniform GTD including higher order terms for the diffraction by an edge
Baklan, Mehmet Serdar; Büyükdura, Merih; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (1988)
U-Pb Dating of Detrital Zircons from the Southern Menderes Massif in Western Turkey: Constraints for the Age and Provenance of Menderes
Bozkurt, Erdin (null; 2017-09-21)
U-Pb and Ar-40-Ar-39 Geochronology and Isotopic Constraints on the Genesis of Copper-Gold-Bearing Iron Oxide Deposits in the Hasancelebi District, Eastern Turkey
KUŞCU, İLKAY; Yilmazer, Erkan; Gulec, Nilgun; Bayir, Selda; Demirela, Gokhan; Kuscu, Gonca Gencalioglu; Kuru, Gulay Sezerer; Kaymakcı, Nuretdin (2011-03-01)
The Hasancelebi deposit in eastern Turkey, with proven reserves of 95 million metric tons, is a copper-gold-bearing iron oxide deposit. It is chiefly hosted by rocks that underwent widespread sodic-calcic and potassic styles of alteration. In the Hasancelebi district, pervasive Na-Ca and K-Fe alteration types are overprinted by sericitization and by late alteration that occur in multiple, overprinting systems. The age of hydrothermal alteration and mineralization (ca. between 74-68 Ma) overlaps with the age...
T-P Phase Diagram of Nitrogen at High Pressures
Algul, G.; Enginer, Y.; Yurtseven, Hasan Hamit (2018-05-01)
By employing a mean field model, calculation of the T-P phase diagram of molecular nitrogen is performed at high pressures up to 200 GPa. Experimental data from the literature are used to fit a quadratic function in T and P, describing the phase line equations which have been derived using the mean field model studied here for N-2, and the fitted parameters are determined. Our model study gives that the observed T-P phase diagram can be described satisfactorily for the first-order transitions between the ph...
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A. Gerdes, M. C. Göncüoğlu, A. Moller, D. Frei, S. Köksal, and F. Toksoy Köksal, “U-Pb age and isotope data from the S- and I-type syn-collisional granites in the Ekecikdag area, central Anatolia,” 2009, vol. 73, Accessed: 00, 2020. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/52904.